Item Leaders:
Ernest Chow and Jeremy Ma

It all started in October 2005 when a bunch of "dudes" who wanted to play some music got together in the mountainous areas of Cambridge. All was great until two of them decided to stretch their wings and soar into their bright future, leaving behind a broken band and two dudes... completely clueless. It was never a problem for them to learn new things, but surely two people can't play 5 instruments on their own. Greyness covered the once glamorous mountainous areas until the discovery of the hidden gems. Being fresh to the band wasn't enough to stop them gliding through the guitar, drowning amongst the drums and singing out her soul. Today the band may not be the same as it was 2 years ago, but there's nothing stopping them from being better stronger and wilder. For the first time in Cambridge Vshow history, Ernest, Jeremy, Aaron, Silas and Mie stand together proudly before you, presenting the CB3 of 2008. Be warned ... civilized audience will not be tolerated